Newbie Help with channel change!

Hello all,
Please forgive my questions if they have been answered before, but I just purchased a small wireless ISP Canopy system from a rather “unmotivated” individual and am completely new to Canopy. I’m trying to gather as much info as I can, but the previous owners’ customers began dropping like flies due to an interference issue he thought was “unfixable”. It is coming from a VERY nearby 600W Pager at 928 MHz and this system is on the highest Canopy channel of 924. i would like to change it to 906 to see how it does, but he had “locked” all the SM’s by unchecking all other frequencies. This is a very rural area and the only competition is Clearwire, and they are not the greatest thru the trees and the spectrum analasys looks very clear at 906
My question is, is there a way to “globally” change the checked scan channels on ALL the SM’s without having to go into each one separately and change them? I am sure there is a way via Prizm or some other method, but can’t seem to find the details after digging around the internet for hours! Oh, did I mention I got NO manuals with this system!! A little unorganized!

Thanks for the help! Just trying to save what’s left of this system!

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Manuals and Software updates can be found here:
READ THE MANUAL! It will tell you %80 of what you need to know about the system. The rest you will get from experience.

I am not familiar enough with Prizm to know if it can be done that way.
If you are just starting out then the easiest way is to just go to each SM and re-check the frequency. :frowning:
If SNMP has been changed from Read to Read / Write then with a little programing skills you should be able to script the change.

Paging is a PITA. :wink:

Hope it helps.


Absolutely what Louis said - the manual for the Canopy stuff is really verbose but it covers most stuff you’ll need to know. What you’re looking to do can indeed be done in Prizm with a custom configuration. Beware that it will probably make your entire network reboot once its pushed.

Kind of strange that the frequencies were unchecked… it just limits the carrier channels on which the AP scans. To ‘lock’ to an AP you should use something like color codes.

906, 915 and 924 are typically checked “On” by default to scan on all Canopy 900MHz SMs. Unless the previous admin removed these, you should be OK. You may also want to consider a Band Pass Filter on the Access Point to mitigate the interference from the adjacent paging system.

I was wondering are you running an omni? It might be easier to just log in to each sm unit and check all the freq. it will take a little time but it will get done. then you can changed to the freq that works best for you.

also how is the system setup?

It is a 65deg antenna with 58 SM’s. All the ones I have looked at so far have only 924 checked. It does not have color codes set up…yet…but i would like to check all freq’s and set all the SM’s and AP with a color code like it should be. Was just looking for an easy “all-in-one” way to write somwthing in Prizm or something to get them all done without having to hit each one individually. Looks like Prizm can do it, just have to RTFM a little more until I am proficient enough to turn it loose!


What firmware are the SM’s running? With 10.3.2 you can check the frequencies and then rescan for AP’s without a reboot required. I don’t remember when this feature was intruduced but its there in 10.3.2. Also, before you purchase prizm take some advice from someone who has been using it for 4 years. Dont use it! Its a terrible product and we are currently in the process of abandoning it.