newbie here

good day sir

im just wondering whats the best configuration i could put in canopy??? i mean, should i enable “2x rate” in MAC control parameters etc?

and also, im subscribed to a 386 kbps of internet connection and im getting a 370 at most of bandwidth reading, not bad i guessed, but can i exceed the 386 with just some tweaking in my canopy platform or no??? and sir, whats the use of MIR bandwidth setting??? whats Sustained Uplink Data Rate??? whats Uplink Burst Allocation???

thank you very much…

These settings should be set by your provider

stahleen is an end user and is trying to get information to override his settings on his SM.

Please do not respond to his posts.

Aish, damn subscribers!!!

i didnt mean my question to offend anyone here… and i used kind and polite words in the first place… i think, i deserve something polite also… a simple “no you cant because your a subscriber” will do. A simple this “These settings should be set by your provider” also did the work… i dont know how hard is that for you guys… if you want the knowledge to yours, then take it… its all yours “gentlemen”… im a civil engineer by profession and i know half the things you know… a little politeness will do the job… and FYI, just i thought you might be concern, im asking because my good-service provider make me wait 1-month to fix my internet problems… and everytime i want to discontinue my service to them, they always put up my contract to them… so i guess having subscribed to a wireless internet connection does sucks…

people here also put up a website to cry out loud their discontentment with wireless internet… LOL… and your bragging about your technology?! whats there to brag about?!

You wanted to know how to bypass your speed settings behind your ISP’s back. To me you are the worst kind of customer and if I were to find out that you were making changes to the radio I would disconnect you in a flash and let you go back to dialup.

You claim you are subscribed to 386k and getting 370 to the internet which is perfectly acceptable. There is always overhead on a connection that uses up a small percentage of the possible bandwidth.

Contracts work both ways. If the service just isn’t fast enough for you then you are out of luck. If the connection drops, and is unreliable then you can get out due to non-performance.

The sense I get is that you are subscribed to the lowest speed (read that cheapest) plan the ISP provides and then complain, complain, complain. Spend a little more and get more bandwidth or quit complaining. Ask the ISP to open up your connection for a few days so you can see if you want to upgrade.

Just quit whining.

the ISP only provides 386 at most! what is there to upgrade on? dial-up are alot better… i download 3-7 kbps in limewire when i was in dial-up… and up to now, now that im in “broadband”, i still getting that speed! and if you will disconnect me, it will be my at most pleasure. do you think i would post a question like that if i were at least satisfied to the service im getting??? think sir! a contented paying subscriber would not end up searching in yahoo or google what to do when what is supposed to be “fast” is slow! we got a one working paid website for disgruntled subsciber. ( so, imagine this, motorola made something which is supposed to be good, a company from philippines bought that, use it here to sell their service. the service sucks, they blame it to the gadget. so who in the first place should be concern?

and btw sir, when you can build a bridge, let me know… then ill stop whining…

I provide 256/128 service to my customers and have had zero complaints in regards to speeds. I do realize it’s not 3 or 4mbits, but at the same time, is it really necessary to have those speeds? An average user checks out their favorite website(s), reads email, chats online and may download a few files here and there. Downloading a few files at 32KB/s is not going to kill someone, or make them go insane from the slowness. If I stuck a customer in front of 3 computers, one that is dial-up, one that is 256/128, and one that is 1.5mbps/128 and tell them to go to a few of their favorite sites and check their email, they will hardly notice the difference, if at all from the 1.5/128 and 256/128 machines. Great differences will be seen with the dial-up machine (Obviously!), specially if their entire internet experience background was previously dial-up.

In regards to your LimeWire download speeds; Your mileage may vary while downloading…Just because you have 384kbps to waste, doesn’t mean Joe Shmoe from Iceland will have 384kbps to give you…

Unfortunately I have to tolerate those who like to commit crimes on the internet (read: downloading copyrighted content) and want xMbit speeds. On the same note, I realize there are people who respectfully may need higher transfer rates for other purposes. To me, if I say I’m giving someone a connection speed, I better be damned sure they get it, no matter what. I’m not there to monitor connections and play Federale. I personally have a 5mbit connection at my home, but rarely ever use it’s potential. Again, for my network, 256/128 is a glorious upgrade to previous dial-up. And keeping with the same price as our dial-up, it works out for the best of both worlds. There may be a time where I need to create a newer faster plan, but I don’t see that in the immediate future here.

Now, I know a lot of people here offer “full out” speeds with the Motorola gear, which is fine and dandy! Whatever works for you, works for you. In this demographic, people aren’t really interested in 4mbit. They are interested in reliability, customer service, and overall quality. I have no doubt this mentality will change as we as a company expand and move out across the area. When that time comes, we’ll be ready.

There’s my 384 kbits.

:smiley: Very good response… I was trying to think of way to say the same thing… Your way is perfect. I am going to copy and paste this to a file for later use

Excellent comments. I agree that a 256k or 384k on a low latency network is plenty fast for the average user. As long as the DNS lookups are quick and the pages respond quickly the connection “feels” faster that a 3M connection on a sluggish network.

stahleen, it’s not the equipment. We provide Business Internet services up to 5M x 5M. I get about 10 calls a month for support on average and 1 out of 10 are related to the Motorola equipment, the rest are related to email, billing, router troubles, adding a computer, etc.

ANYONE with a few bucks can buy Motorola equipment and start selling services. That does not make them an ISP. I can go buy wood, sheet metal, and fiberglass but that does not mean I know how to build an airplane.

Your ISP may only have a single DSL or T1 connection to the Internet and is sharing that to all the subscribers. That would explain why they only offer 384k. They may have a poorly designed network. They may just be idiots. That has nothing to do with the Motorola Equipment.

What you need is a forum to complain about your ISP. That is not this forum and that is why this in not an end user forum.

As long as the DNS lookups are quick and the pages respond quickly the connection "feels" faster that a 3M connection on a sluggish network.

Couldn't agree more. Again, comparing my connection at home vs. service offered here demonstrates that to the point. TWC, in this area, is extremely sluggish. I often revert to public DNS halfway across the world to make things move.

I agree that a 256k or 384k on a low latency network is plenty fast for the average user.

<= 15ms is working nicely for me to the DMZ from an SM location.

I'm preparing to move into a university town of I'm sure I'll be experiencing some different "issues" as time goes by.

I'm eager to watch the webinar regarding Campus networks by Motorola on Mar. 27. I may learn a few things I didn't already know.

We experience the same problem here of subscribers paying for the cheapest service level and then complaining that it is slow. Customers caught tampering with equipment in anyway whatsoever on my network are disconnected with immediate effect. They are reported to the Bostwana ISP Association and put on the blacklist. It is then impossible for them to get any internet connection in this country for life. Only way out is to use an alias, but then if they own a domain we dont route their mail ever.

im on an area with access to both wireless and cabled internet connection. Im paying around 20-25 USD in a month for a connection of 386 for wireless. If i subscribe to a cabled internet connection, at the same price, i can get 786 speed rate. 2x at what the wireless can offer. Why did i subscribe to wireless? it seems installation is a lot faster in wireless than in cabled. I applied today for wireless connection, the next day here comes the contractor to install my canopy. Thats fast compared to dsl connection where i have to wait for at least 3 weeks to 2 months. What i did not know is that wireless are only good from the start. Post after sales relationship with the customer sucks. they make you wait for 24 hours when you have no connection. when you call them up, customer support cant do anything but to give you a service report number and make you wait for God knows how many days. I have an RSSI of 1460, power level -46 db, Jitter 1, Air delay of 490 ft. I can walk from my house to the base station im connected to. basically, my connection to the base station is ok. i have no doubt with that. i have a very simple test to show you, i opened using my “broadband” connection, i timed it till the status bar says its done, at average it finished at 54 seconds. I connect my landline, i dial-up, it timed at just 15 seconds! simple test to do. and it shows how the service sucks. yes, the “stat” shows i have good connection to the base station, but am i connected to the internet at, at least, half of the marketed 386 rate??? as a subscriber, my only concern is publish what your company can really give. dont give us disclaimer at the end of every poster that you made saying that 386 is the speed your system can give and can be lower depending on the number of subscriber which is using the system. when you say 386, mean it. make it 386 at the minimum for every customer, regardless if my buddy is also using his computer right now! because if you say 386 and put up a BIG words saying “NOT ALL THE TIME” and not put it subscripted, do you think we would have avail of your service?! Were not stupid. When we pay for 386, we would not be expecting a 1Mbps of connection neither we would be expecting something slower! Dont cheat, we wouldnt cheat. Give what is due, and you wouldnt hear anything from your “damn subscriber”.

There are many factors that effect your internet speed whether you’re using wireless, cable or DSL. Is your PC itself slow on and off line? Maybe you need to upgrade your hardware. Do you have a router in the mix? Maybe the router is having issues. By the way, with limewire you’re only going to see download speeds as fast as the other person can upload. Don’t expect huge numbers when you’re using any kind of PtP.

In the end, if you’re not happy with your service then go with something else, but you said yourself that you’re seeing 370 kbps out of 386. Plus your RSSI and Jitter looks pretty good. Your ISP seems to be delivering what they promised.

If it takes 54 seconds to load then there is a problem.

Many people have told you, if you are not getting what you are paying for and you can prove it, you can cancel your contract with no problems. Just document it.

Its a shame that the ISP you are with does not take better care of their customers. Many of the WISPs on this forum are dedicated to providing great customer support. Many of us compete head to head with large cable and phone companies and still have an impressive customer base.

However try to solve your problem rather than fighting it.

You subscribe for a 384k service, you receive 370k. That is not a valid complaint. Like Jerry stated getting 370k out of 384k is great.

Are still pulling 370k when its taking 54 seconds to load

Whats the lowest speed you get?

Do you know if your provider has a fiber backbone or a satellite?

What kind of latency are you getting?

yeah 370 kpbs right now, and ummmmmmm, time check: 2:00 AM here in the philippines. my computer is good, i have my diablo 3 and NFSU 2. i think you know what kind of system is needed for those 2. im not in any network. i think satellite.
theyre using their cellsite to facilitate the connection. isnt it RSSI and jitter describe how are you connected to the base station but not to the WWW??? just like in LAN when it says 100Mbps, its the connection between the computer and the server, not your computer to the WWW???

thats why im here sir, having all this query. No decent customer service is available for us here. imagine this, because i know how to change my “color code”, i dont have to wait for my ISP at least 1 week to change it for me. I could change it everytime im having problem with my connection right at the moment i needed it. its having a decent connection when you needed it the most and not waiting “for a customer service representative to attend to you shortly”. if subscriber know this things, you could have made life easier for us, and we could have made our time do something more productive rather than waiting for your out-numbered customer service representative. Simple knowledge that we need to know, would that hurt your business?

I don’t know about other businesses, but there is no way I’m going to allow my customers access to edit settings in their antenna. That would create much more trouble than good and cost us unneccesary service calls from customers “playing” with their radios to try to fix their own problems. Being a customer (and we are all customers at home ourselves), you have to have some sort of patience for a company. I don’t expect my cable modem provider to come out at a moment’s notice to fix my internet. If it’s not something they can fix remotely, I plan around it. The way I see it, I’m a residential user paying for residential service, if I want business-class service I should be paying for it.

IMO, the ISP is at fault for first of all allowing unprotected access to their own equipment. At the same time, the customer shouldn’t be accessing the equipment, but to my knowledge there is no “Warning” upon accessing an SM or AP/BH stating it violates TOS to access the device without permission…

Anyway, I’m interested in what the latency is from your SM to your AP. Can you do some ping tests and determine what the latency is?

A better “speed test” is to have your ISP set one up on the local network, so the only latency you will see is that of hops between you and the local server at the ISP datacenter facility. It’d be interesting to see also if you’re getting your 384kbps to your ISP.

how do you set up a speed test inside your network?