Newbie Question 900MHz PTP450

I have a pair of C009045B001A Radios I purchased for the sole purpose of creating a 900MHZ bride for 2.2 Miles Nlos. I am very familiar with Ubiquiti but struggling with Cambium. I set one of the radios on one side of my basement as a master Timing(no Antenna Connected). The second unit on the other side of basement as a timing slave ( again no antenna connected). All the slave does is scan. All i configured on these unots was region and country, IP Address and Timing master and slave. What am i missing? I find the documentation and terminology a bit confusing.

Without antennas connected, you will need to place the units quite close to each other for them to link up.

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Thanks Jacob. Went ahead and hooked up antennas and connected right away

Cambium equipment doesnt have the rf leakage that Ubnt has so keep in mind to have some small testing antennas or it wont work.