Newbie Question

We have got 100 Customer on 7 AP with a 8 Mbit Backbone.Every customer has got 1 Mbit down and 128 Kbit up.What are the best settings for downlink data, burst an so on…

What means Configuration source? we have no Bam!

You can leave the downlink data at 75%

You can decide to burst or use fixed rates.
- Fixed rates are consistent; set the sustained and burst to the same value
- Bursting conserves bandwidth. You could set the sustained to 512 or 768 with burst to 1000. The customer will not know the difference.

AP Configuration soure:
- SM means the values for data rates are set in the SM configuration page
- BAM means the BAM sets the bandwidth and the SM values are ignored
- BAM+SM means look to BAM first, and if BAM is unavilable then use SM values

I highly recommend that you set up a CACTI server. This will allow you to monitr your network very closely and all it costs is any used PC with 1G processor, 512RAM. Do a search for CACTI on this forum and you will get all the onformation you need to download, install, and set up.