Hey All, Im in the learning process and would consider myself a newbie. Therefore I have the right to ask stupid questions that, if you don’t mind, have you answer.

When people talk about “bench testing” exactly where, what, and how are u doing this?

Also, NAT and PIX? What do those stand for?

I have had little to none wireless installation experience, still in college. I am trying to learn as much as possible via the net and my Wireless and Cellular Systems class. However, I see myself in this field very soon. Right ChrisT?



For us, bench testing is where you setup the gear in house for testing, as opposed to testing it after its been deployed in the field. We generally have 1 AP setup in our office with a couple of SMs in different opposite corners. This way, we can test out new firmware releases and settings without affecting customers.

NAT stands for Network Address Translation. Basically, think of a router. It takes one IP address (usually provided by your internet provider) and changes it, or translates it into non-routable IP addresses for your home network.

No idea on PIX, maybe someone else can field that one.

It would depend upon context, but I usually associate PIX with the Cisco PIX firewall. I hope this helps.