Newby having 5.2BH point to point problems..

Ok where do I start, over a year ago I purchased for my company two 5.2 GHz BH units to link my company’s two buildings together (Which are 1.6 miles apart). Was awesome I now could save money and not have to pay for the leased lines that connected them. This worked out perfect, these units where so easy to setup I just could not believe it. Had them up and running in just a day’s time and for over a year they have worked some what flawlessly except for in the cold months. Starting last fall as temperatures dropped to the 60’s or blow and it rains the unit (at the across town store) will start to slow down and then loose the network. Now the link between the two unit’s is still up when this happens. I can successfully ping both radios from the main building, but I just can’t see anyone on the network at the other building… Its like a bad network cable at the other site but so far I can’t disprove the cable being bad, for it only happens in cool moths with rain… In the summer moths we can have a flat down pour and the unit’s works fine no interruptions at all. So this leaves me very puzzled why is it only affected in the cooler months than the warm ones… So before I go ahead and order another new BH unit for the other building to replace the unit I though I would ask here and see if anyone has run into this problem before… Any help or input would be greatly appreciated…

I would check the ends on both of the units. When weather changes out here i get the more bad ends than anyother time. no idea why…but its worth a shot before you swap the boxes

Yes, re-terminate and/or replace the cable