Newie ? about high tension power lines!

I am new to the canopy system. I have been following this board for a few weeks now. I recently invested in a local internet porvider that is installing the canopy system in an area that did not previously have high speed internet available. Just dial-up. So far, I love the system. I have been doing the installation of these radios & antennas for them and need some input. We are using the 900 mhz and the 5.7. Not sure of the software update. Anyway, we have one customer that is about 500 feet from a set of high tension wires. The powerlines begin at about 75 feet and end at about 150 ft in the air. Of course for them to hit our tower at 370 ft and about 5.7 miles away, they have to shoot right through them. We have the antenna mounted on the pitch of a two story house. We are getting about a 1200 on the RSSI and a 4 Jitter. But up link is like 97 and downlink is like 92. Are the power lines causing the problems with the up & down links? Is this something we need to address or let it go. We are new at the WISP and this is a very small town so we are doing our very best to provide quality service to our neighbors. The customer is very happy, but our goal is to obtain a 100% up and down link with all customers. We had this customer aiming toward our office tower before and we did O.K. but had a jump in jitter every now and then. We just recently realigned the antenna to the new tower and are wondering about the up/down link and the power lines. When aligned at our small 70 ft office tower we only had a jump in jitter every now and then. And then did not have to face the power lines. Thanks for any help.

We recommend better than 90% up and downlink efficiencies. If you are seeing better than 90% then I believe that your link is aimed properly.

Keep an eye on in&out errors on the RF status page and also the power level (dBm).

Sometimes the jitter might spike on you without you being able to see it. I recommend left mousing on status on the main page several times in a row (Don’t hit the refresh on the browser-can “stall out” sometimes). If there is a spike, put the unit into alignment (expanded stats, alignment, enable alignment) and check what frequency you are on. Then, disable alignment mode, go to configuration and uncheck any of the other frequencies that you are not using. Don’t forget to hit save changes and then reboot the unit. Then go back and run your link tests again and see if that has helped. Also, one other thing to note is to keep 900 cordless phones away from these units. I have personally seen countless times when the phone will either knock the unit right down to scanning, or will caude the jitter to spike from 2-14.
Hope this helps!