Next version of Canopy software?

Any word? I think we all deserve a little more feedback from Motorola on what is coming.

port forwarding would be nice,
NAT that works like normal NATs,
built in PPoE support
( a true dsl router)

the CMM should be a more intelligent layer 2 switch, it should allow you to split the switch into smaller switches,

spanning tree, allow you to keep up all your links all the time,

QoS/shaping at the AP,

This would really be pusing it but between the RF and ethernet interface if, they could provide a chip running linux kernal, we could add in all the features we need, allowing Moto to concentrate on the RF/wireless aspect.

That all sounds great but I’d settle for a NAT that doesn’t kill PPTP, better error correction, and a fix for the potential rebroadcast storms that I am starting to experience as well.

Also, paying for Advantage is a bit silly IMHO. Those of us who bought units before Advantage paid a lot more for them than we are for the new Advantage units out there today. It’s a bit insulting.