nginx failing to start on cnmaestro server

I am having some issues with nginx failing to start due to an unknown directive 'upload_progress' in /etc/nginx/default.conf:54

 Is it possible to extract my data without GUI access and move it to a new instance of the VM?


Hi Barry -- did you make any updates to nginx that could lead to the issue (upload_progress is a plugin used in nginx, and updating the server would cause it to be unrecognized). You should be able to extract your data manually. The Appendix in the cnMaestro On-Premises User Guide has a section called "Advanced Operations". It has directions for exporting cnMaestro User Data using the Command Line. You will need to have an FTP (or SSH) server running in order to use the standard shell copy commands to transfer the data file.

Hi Rob,

Initially, I think something got corrupted during a shutdown, then I tried various things including the upgrade that ubuntu server was keen to offer...

The upgrade also broke mongod, so that wasn't the best option! I got mongod running manually so i was able to get the export tool to run sucessfully and have now imported to a new machine.