no access via wlan

We've currently got one SM in NAT mode receiving DHCP from a Powercode BMU that we are unable to access via the WLAN interface.

Other SMs on the same AP are accessible via thier WLAN address, this one however is not. It is responding to ping, and can be accessed by going through the AP.

I'mn not sure where my searching should start since everything appears to be functioning besides management access via the WLAN.

I had this happen the other day as I was upgrading some of our network to v15.0.1.  (now I have to do it all over again thanks to v15.0.2)

Power cycle the SM and try again.  That worked for me.

If proxy access to the SM via AP works, then I suspect you have a simple config issue on that SM.

Look at Config > NAT towards the bottom for the remote configuration interface. You have Disable (most obvious). Enable (Standalone) and Enable (Use WAN).

We use standalone mode.