No Cartoon Network for my kids..............


We live in Mexico and trying to get wireless broadband is a hassle.

We tried to use Direcway and it let us down.

So since no one in my entire state is doing wireless broadband we are interested in this new Canopy system we heard about.

We want to setup as an ISP provider using the Canopy system but we have zero idea of what to do?

We are interested in doing point to multipoint to deliver wireless broadband to suscribers.

Can anyone please help?

Thank you. :?:

1.Find out the potential for business.
2.Once above is done , find the bldg with max height if u r in city & check if u would get permission to have some structure depending on terrain requirements.
3.Check what frequencies are free .Check whether u have canopy in that frequency spectrum.
4.Ofcource u will need internet bandwidth from Major ISP or basic Service provider at Base Station.

Have some tech guys to support u if u r not from tech background.

Send me an email, I will hook you up with someone that can help you from start to finish.