No connectivity with 5700BH


I am from India and have recently purchased Motorola Canopy 5700BH 10 Mbps radios (2 no.) for connecting my central office to branch office (point to point link). Arial distance between CO and BO id 13.5 kilometers. I have setup 1 BH as master and another as slave. With master BH I have installed 27RD reflector dish and slave is single without RD.

Problem is even though LoS is clear, I am not getting the connectivity. After looking at the statistics, an RSSI is around 420 and jitter is 3.

My question is, do I need to install another RD with salve also to get the successful connectivity and reliable link?

Currently frequency is set at 5825 Mhz. I have also tried by setting different frequencies but doesn’t help.

Yes you will need to have the RD27 on both ends or at least a PacWireless Grid.

Please install 27RD to both ends. It will solve your problem.

Did you test the link at close range before you separated them by 13.5 km? It’s always good to do that to confirm that you have them configured correctly, before you go and try to overcome propagation issues.

Yes I have tested the connectivity by keeping both the radios (without RD) side by side. It works fine…

I will try to install another RD and let you know the results… Thanks for reply.

1.9xx miles to less than 2 wont need 27RD. But, beyond that will need both sides of 27RD

Hello Friends,

I have now installed dish at both the sides. Now my link is up and I am getting RSSI as 1100 (-54 db) and jitter is 1. But the link gets disconnected automatically in between and comes up automatically i.e. the link is not work 100% efficiently. When I checked in “link test” of slave BH, I notice that my uplink efficiency is around 70/100 and downlink efficiency is 100/100. Is this causing the problem? I have tried by doing the best possible alighnment, even if I move the dish slightly, the results become wrost.

What can be done to resolve this problem?

Can this happen due to LoS is not clear?

You have what I would consider an excellent link.

Try making the Master a Slave through the software and then use the spectrum analyzer to observe the spectrum.

What is the software version?

Hi Jerry,

I have tried by configuring a Master as Slave. I didn’t find any other link that is working on the same frequency i.e. there is no interference.

But when I made a Master as Slave and Slave as Master, RSSI becomes 298 and jitter 8. Still I get the connectivity. And when I do the reverse I get RSSI as 1100 and jitter 1.

One more thing I have noticed that my link works perfectly fine from morning till evening. In evening at 6.00 PM it goes down with RSSI 850 and jitter 2. And some where in early morning it comes up automatically and work for the entire day again.

What could be the problem?

S/W version is 8.2.


Do you have water anywhere in between the offices ?

Lakes, river sea ?

Is one of the power outlets you are using on a timer?

Hello abdock, we do have a small pond in between the offices. Is this affecting the link? We have installed the radios around 80 feet above ground.

Hello Jerry, I am unable to understand your point, can you please elaborate?

If one of the plugs that you are getting power from is on a timeclock, it may be set to turn off the power at 6pm.

The fact that the link is fine all day and drops at night tells me that there is some outside interference, power, or physical obstruction. I don’t think there is anything wrong with your radios.

I recall one members discovering that large container ships traversing his link path would intermittently break his connection. He replaced the equipment three times before he saw the container ship go by just as the link went down.

Hi Jerry,

Are you are refering to the power provided to radios? If yes, there is no timer as such. The power remains ON 24 hrs using UPS.

I am doubting the radios themselves. It must be some type of external interference.

when you have a link with -5x dbm and is not rock-solid is usualy interference.
since changing master of role afects link test, i think there is interference.
Try other frecs

I want to know your solution?. I have problems with BH10 in the nights.

There is no confirm solution found yet… I have escalated this case to Motorola Canopy technical team, after detail site survey they have concluded that we have to increase the tower height by 20 feet. This will solve the problem.

We are in a process to increase tower height.

By the way, what is RSSI, Jitter and uplink/downlink efficiency?

RSSI is signal strength, Jitter is noise, uplink/downlink tell you how it is performing… You want 95% or better both ways, but it will work at 90%. Less than 90% you will drop packets…

One of your early posts stated Uplink was 70%… From my experience, when uplink is low, it’s either vertical alignment or noise…

My .03 worth (inflation)