No Dual Pol antenna in Link Planner

For 850C XPIC link, there’s no dual-pol antenna option, only single-pol. The 850C-E-S manual states this:

XPIC enables PTP 850C links of up to 2 Gbps, consisting of 1 Gbps per carrier. XPIC
can be installed in either of the following configurations:
Direct Mount – The PTP 850C unit is connected to the antenna via an OMT

The diagram (850E) shows OMT direct-mount to one antenna. That antenna would have to be dual-pol.

What am I missing here, thank you!!!

Is the 850C Installation Guide available to general public?

You don’t need a dual-pole antenna to perform XPIC with these, same as with the 820C. Typically there would be a need to remove the antenna adapter and replace with a circular adaptor, making them circular polarised. Then when using the OMT, the antenna is able to operate both V and H simultaneously.

The single-pole antenna’s that LINKPlanner give you in the XPIC config are correct and will work for XPIC, so long as you follow the user guide during assembly. We have sold many 820C XPIC links using the single-pole antenna’s.