No internet through vlans on e500

I have cn matrix ex2010 and copilot e500
I configured 3 vlans on a Cisco router.
Port 1 and Port 8 of cn matrix are trunk ports.
All vlans on cn matrix can give internet to client.
But when I connect e500 to trunk Port 8 of cn matrix, I can get internet on only vlan1, the same happens when I connect e500 to the cisco router.
The 3 vlans were also created in e500, each vlan with 1 SSID.
VLAN 1 SSID can serve dhcp and internet
Vlan10 SSID cannot serve dhcp and internet
Vlan 172 cannot serve dhcp and internet
The cisco router is the DHCP server

Kindly assist

Hi, apart from assigning the VLANS to the SSIDs, have you configured the Ethernet port of the E500 to be trunk and assign the VLANS as tagged?
We have done this config in tens of E50X and never faced any issue.


Ow, I hadn’t configured the Ethernet port.
I will do that