No Longer get Software 2.4 Canopy's?

A friend of mine at a local Wisp, said that they have some of their older towers running software 2.4 Canopy’s. And now they are no longer able to buy radio’s that will run software. They tried downgrading the firmware on the hardware only one’s, but no luck. Any ideas other that swapping all the clients that have software?

I have 4 P8 (software) 2.4 AP’s I am looking to sell along with 2 - P8 2.4 SM’s.


Im running into the same problem. this is what he will have to do.

1. make sure his AP’s are p9 boards or better
2. make all of his SM’s 8.2.1 v2, this will put them in HW modem and you wont have a choice to use sw anymore
3. upgrade the AP.

I would recommend calling moto tech support so you fully understand the steps that need to be taken, some steps can require a lot of on site repairs if its goofed up.

This is part of the upgrade path Moto laid out in 2005; Software scheduling would become obsolete and unavailable by 2007.

SMs on client can be upgraded to hardware using the CNUT External Tool.

I hope your AP is atleast P9.