No luck with the PMP320 + proxy APPs

We have the access point and the consumer subscriber module set up, each with a laptop connected for testing purposes so as to not cause trouble on our network should something go wrong.

The one laptop connects to the subscriber module and plays the part of customer computer gear,
and the other laptop connects to the ethernet port of the Access Point and plays the part of main network.

The two laptops are Linux and fully equipped for advanced network testing and debugging.

Here are the IPs and settings for everything in our test setup:

“Customer Computer:”
IP Address:,
Default Gateway:
(Both via DHCP from Subscriber Module DHCP Server)

Subscriber Module:
Wireless: (via DHCP from Access Point)
Default Gateway: DHCP from Access Point)

Access Point:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server (built into AP)

"The Internet" (A laptop acting as the gateway to the internet. No actual route to the internet.)
Route: delivered to

What does work and what doesn’t work:

• The SM receives the DHCP from the AP.
• Subscriber module links up to access point, and both AP and SU give happy indications of eachother’s presence in their respective web user interfaces, but the subscriber module continues to give 3 beeps then a pause, 3 beeps then a pause, and so on and so forth. (One 3 beep-pause pattern that repeats.) Each of the 3 beeps are slightly different sounding in harmonic quality, but not in frequency (or so says my ear.)
• “The Internet” can ping (and get responses for) the following IP addresses:,,
• The “Customer Computer” can ping (and receives replies from)


• Customer computer receives from Subscriber Module an ICMP Destination Port Unreachable whenever the Customer Computer tries to connect to any IP address outside of
• “The Internet” gets no ping replies from (the Subscriber Module IP.)
• Of course no traffic passes over the link.

In Summary, we believe that this setup is just how the example in the PDF shows.

Other Notes: We noticed that:
• The Access Point responds on its ethernet interface to any arp who-has requests for any IP within
• The Subscriber module responds to any arp who-has request received on its either net port for any destination IP address outside of

  1. On the Internet (Laptop) should have a Static route configured :

    route add -net netmask gw

    Instead you have a route configured with a subnet mask of

    2. On the Laptop2 have you configured a default route ?

    route add -net netmask gw

    If you have a valid route configured in the laptop1, can you ping the interface of the internet laptop?

    3. Not sure what you mean by DHCP Server (built into AP) Statement ? If you are configuring the AP as a DHCP server, you only need to specify the IP range as part of the DHCP pool.

This is how our test is configured. When I day DHCP server, I mean the one in the PMP320. That is actually working and giving the SM an IP.
Still no connectivity.

rubear wrote:
This is how our test is configured. When I day DHCP server, I mean the one in the PMP320. That is actually working and giving the SM an IP.
Still no connectivity.

I mean, I cannot ping or

Im new to the 320 gear but as fars as the routing:

You will probably need a static route on the AP to the 10.x.x.x Network unless NAT is configured on the CPE side.

From the diagram the 192 does not have a way back to the 10.x.x.x network. DHCP relay will work and give it an IP but IP connectivity is not there unless the route is there.

If you cant do NAT at CPE side or enter static route on AP side you need to put a router in the mix.

  1. Is the DHCP server on the CPE configured with subnet mask of (In your case it should be set to Laptop behind the CPE obtains an IP address with a subnet mask of /8?

    What is the default gateway or any other static route configured on the laptop ?

    2. In PMP320AP , Do you have the default gateway configured correctly ( This default gateway is for the wired side of network.

    3. In PMP320 AP what is the IP range configured for the CPE wireless interface via the DHCP server? What is the default gateway set to? This should be the wireless interface of the AP (

    4. What is the default gateway or any other static route configured on the laptop behind the AP ?

    Can you ping interface?

    Scenario # 1 : IF you cannot ping PMP320 AP or CPE wireless interface from the Laptop behind the CPE.
    There are 2 possible reasons:
    A. Laptop does not have a default gateway configured or does not have a proper static route.
    B. Default gateway for CPE is incorrect. This is obtained from PMP320 AP via the DHCP server.

    Please check the DHCP server configuration on the AP as well the default gateway configuration. CPE obtains its default gateway from the AP (DHCP server)

    Scenario # 2 : If you can ping the wireless interface of PMP320 AP or CPE wireless interface but cannot ping the wired interface of the AP and subnets behind the AP.

    There are 2 possible reasons:
    A. AP’s default gateway is not configured correctly.
    B. Laptop or devices behind the AP are not aware of the wireless subnet of the AP.

    Please check AP’s default gateway configuration. Also make sure the Laptop has either a default gateway or appropriate static route for the wireless subnet.

    Please contact Technical Support @ 866-961-9288, or email if you have additional questions.