No official release notes for 3.5.2 elevate firmware

I couldn't find a set of release notes specific to Elevate and the Elevate references in the ePMP 3.5.2 release notes seemed to sparse to be complete.

Are all of the one-off beta support firmwares rolled into 3.5.2?

Are these radios now officially supported in 3.5.2?

Bullet M2



One place where you can find list of supported elevate devices is a MIB file for 3.5.2.

Please find it at - > ePMP System Release 3.5.2 / 12-Jul-18 > CAMBIUM-ePMP-3.5.2-MIB

The file is a text file and the list will be part of the “cambiumHWInfo” MIB parameter.

You can see from that list that Bullet M2 (ePMP Elevate BM-M2-HP-XM) and PBE-M5-400-ISO (ePMP Elevate PBE-M5-400-ISO-XW) are supported.