NO OPTION for Radius Authentication on PTP 450i BHM

I've been racking my brain on this for a couple hours now, trying to figure out why I can't find any radius options on this PTP 450i, running v15.0.1. I've tried everything that I can think of but radius options just don't seem to exist on this model. See attached screen shot below. Does any have an explanation?


I checked my PTP450 and my PTP650 and cannot find any RADIUS options... but because it's a PtP, why would you need RADIUS? That seems to be way more helpful in a PtMP setting.

I have a customer that wants to use a radius server to manage login credentials/user accounts. They currently have  several different Cambium products deployed, including PMP models, but initially brought the PTP450i issue to my attention. The v15.0.2 450 series user guide specifically mentions radius capability on BHM's so I'm confused as to why I can't find that option anywhere.


I'm pretty sure that RADIUS cannot be used for radio login credentials/user accounts. It's used in a PtMP setting for defining SM settings/auth.

Maybe someone from Cambium can chime in one why there's mention of RADIUS in the PTP user manual.

This is mentioned in the 450 series user guide that I mentioned earlier. See below.

"Planning for RADIUS operation

Configure RADIUS where remote authentication is required for users of the web-based interface. Remote authentication has the following advantages:

• Control of passwords can be centralized.

• Management of user accounts can be more sophisticated. For example; users can be prompted by a network manager to change passwords at regular intervals. As another example, passwords can be checked for inclusion of dictionary words and phrases.

• Passwords can be updated without reconfiguring multiple network elements.

• User accounts can be disabled without reconfiguring multiple network elements."

I've personally never used radius in this manner but the documentation seems to claim that the capability exists.

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Sorry this has taken a while to come back, but the section you quote refers to general RADIUS operation on the platform.

Currently, we don't support RADIUS functions when the 450 are in backhaul mode (neither PTP 450 nor PTP 450i).

We will be adding support for RADIUS User Authentication (not device authentication) on a PTP radio in software release R15.1.



I'd like to try to use Radius for user authentication on PMP450.

This  document shows it can be done for remotely authenticating users:

Check in the section "Web User Authentication"

I'm running 14.2.1 and can't seem to find that section. Is it hidden on the Security Tab? Do I have to enable Radius AAA for SM authentication first before I see it available for User Authentication?



I've upgraded one of my PTMP APs to 15.1b7 and it does indeed have the User Authentication settings capability. We were able to successfully authenticate via Radius, so it seems to be working so far.


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Awesome... keep banging on this software, and let us know anything else that comes up.  We hope to release this soon.