No options to enable CBRS in cnMaestro?


cnMaestro Cloud Version 3.0.4-b8
PMP 450m CANOPY 20.2 AP

I am trying to deploy a 450m. The Cambium procedures guide (CBRS_Consolidated_Procedures_Guide_1.6.2.pdf) says in order to enable CBRS, first choose a SAS vendor under Services > CBRS. However, I do not have a Services menu item. I do have “Network Services” menu item but the only option there is LTE. Am I missing something obvious?

Hi Carl – did you opt-in to the 60 GHz cnWave Beta Program when creating your account? Selecting the beta places your account on a separate server which has limited functionality and does not support CBRS. We are going to move the Beta selection outside of the normal account creation, because it is confusing. However, if this happened, you will need to create another account without the beta selection.

Hi Rob, that was the issue. I created a new account and was able to work through the document. Thanks for your help.