Having a weird problem with a client. They can’t get online, and we noticed that there are no OUTUCASTPKTS on the under the ETHERNET tab.

Anyone know what would cause this?

Is there link on the ethernet port? Is it set to auto negotiate?

The Radio is set to AUTO 10H/10F only and the Radio has Enet Link. This client was working, hardware at Client end has not changed. Only client on the AP having problems.

does the client’s equip. (ie router) show to have a link and at what rate?
have you treid power-cycling equipment? (ie. SM/client router)

Do you use VLANs? Has that configuration changed somehow? Is the SM in NAT mode or bridging?

I have seen this:
- When the NIC in the radio or computer/router fails.
- Damaged Cat5/Power supply/Surge Suppressor
- Loose RJ45 connection

does the client’s equip = YES
have you treid power-cycling equipment = YES

Do you use VLANs = NO
Is the SM in NAT mode or bridging = BRIDGING

Scheduleing a service Call. Thanks guys.

could be bad enet prot on router

Turns out that it was the clients computer, but it wasn’t hardware, it was software. The client add resently tried to install a new version of Norton on her Vista computer but for some reason it didn’t install properly, advised the CX to remove it and she started working again.


ah Norton. the lock-down, invade everything, impossible to un-install, sloppy update, overpriced, bloatware second only to McAfee.

That’s why I’m a NOD32 man!