No Ping/Telnet/Web Interface!!!

We have extended our corporate network (no ISP’s) to provide data and voice using the Canopy Advantage 5.7GHz CMM/AP’s & SM’s which works great although the network guys still have some work to do to tidy a few ends.

From my side though dealing with the management and upkeep i am having problems with a few things…

I am unable to Ping/Telnet or web browse any of the canopy devices.

Corporate Network i can ping both our voice and data VLAN’s Data Voice

At the SM end we have Cisco 2940 switches configured for these and the PC’s/VOIP phones pick up IP’s in their respective VLAN group.

CMM is configured to

All with the same default gateway of

So the PC’s at the house’s then pick up addresses onwards.

I can ping our router 6.1 from the SM end and i can ping devices my end of the SM but not the the CMM/AP’s or SM’s themselves from either end??

Is there something i am overlooking? i did notice a couple of times that after a reboot i could ping all devices for about 10 seconds and then that was it!!

SNMP doesnt work either any ideas??

Let me know if what i have written doesnt make sense and i will try to break it down a bit more.

Cheers in advance

do you have an IP assigned to the computer you are on to access that IP range?

If you assign yourself a 169.254.1.* IP can you access the canopy equipment on their default range? the default range is

If you still cant access the equipment, defaulted it and start all over. There was a configuration error somewhere.

You can default the equipment by using a timing cable, stripping all the shielding off and tying them together. insert into the timing port, reboot the canopy equipment then access it by using the IP

Hi Vince,

I can access all parts of the canopy if i assign my PC an address in the same subnet i.e. and connect the SM direct to my PC instead of going through the switch, there i can web browse in and make any changes i want but then when i connect the SM back to the switch i can ping the Router back at the office (6.1) but not the SM/AP or CMM!

I have defaulted before but then end up here again after re-configuring and this is the state the supplier sent it out to us in!?

Reboot everything starting from the router and working outward. The bridge tables are probably fouled up


Don’t know if this is relevent, but just in case (from the Canopy Knowledge Base):

I have upgraded my Canopy radios from 7.3.6 to 8.1.4 and I’m unable to communicate with SNMP tools (e.g. CNUT, net-snmp, etc…) to the radio?
Author: Knowledge Base Administrator
A: With the current software of 8.1.4 we know there is an issue with certain subnets, but /24 and /32 subnet masks should work.

Solution: You can change the accessing subnet to a classful subnet mask. This will allow you to provide some security for SNMP. This will be fixed in a future release of the Canopy software.

Set the Bridge Timeout parameter on all Canopy devices to something higher than the default. We have all of ours set to 1440 which is the highest allowed value.

Change this, reboot, and try again.

Upgraded to 8.1.4 prior to deployment so yeh that could possibly be the problem!! dont really want to go changing the subnet to a /24 or /32 as the Network guys assigned our current /16 subnet to keep inline with the companies networking plan.

I have increased all Bridge timeout parameters to 1440 and this has brought no joy but will leave it as that for the time-being.

Also rebooted all from the router out and still no joy on that either, not getting anywhere fast on this one.

Its just a pain because we will have to wait until a user informs us that they have a problem or no connectivity before we can investigate and then i will have to drop the whole network, assign my PC a corresponding IP in the Canopy’s range, connect directly into it to take a look at the canopy network to find the problem!! bit of a long way of going about things and an inconvenience to other users.

We are replacing a intermittent Cisco BR350 network with the Canopy and so far its more of a hassle

Since 8.1.4 has a known bug, try upgrading to

Also, make sure VLAN1 is allowed.


I would say try to look through your VLAN configurations, pay attention to the VLANs in the APs and SM. I had the same problem you are experiencing, after taking everything back to the default VLAN 1. i was able to get access. I am yet to re-deploy my VLANs in the network.

About the upgrade from 8.1.4 to or to 8.2 now, i tried it but it didn’t help till i temporarily removed the VLANs.

Hope this helps.