No radio settings

Hi folks.

This is the second time this happens to a epmp1000 no gps.

suddendly the frequency is different and the radio settings area is not there any more, the only way to change frequencies again is logging through ssh.

 The first time it happend was on a different radio i had to manually set  it to factory defaults and it worked fine again, now thi sradio is in a very remote location so factory default is not as easy as it was before.

Any clue about this issue?




Make sure Automatic Channel Selection is disabled. When enabled, it may choose a different frequency everytime the radio boots up.

ACS is enabled by default and looking at your screenshot, it is enabled.


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Sorry, you are right , the ACS was active and I did not check on that , shame on me.

The thing is how on Earth it got activated? Iám the only one with the password.

Any way thanks a lot for pointing this out.



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