No SA in 4.5.6?

Topic says it all :slight_smile:

For e1k/e2k use the SA tool located HERE. That being said, just use ACS, it’s easier.

do you know why was it removed?

I would imagine it has something to do with offloading SA display and refresh tasks to a dedicated app instead of having the radio do it in a browser, and no more having to deal with pesky browser specific security issues. But I don’t really care because I never use the SA on these radios… just use ACS, it’s so much easier and provides essentially the same data you need to make decisions on what channel to choose.

@Eric_Ozrelic agreed, thanks

ACS is not SA, do not confuse this. ACS will list channels as in center frequency only, so if you set a 40Mhz channel, it will only list those channels in theb40Mhz list. Where as SA does a mhz by mhz scan which provides a much better pitcurebof what the AP sees in terms of used spectrum, received rf levels and viable frequency choices.

As for removed, it os not. All 1000/2000 (n series) radios require the radio to bebin SA mode AND use the App. 3000 (ac series) radios can be done from within the browser without changing the operating mode.

When I go into the epmp 3000 web ui and enable the SA nothing shows up, what am I missing?

Enable SA, press the save config icon then wait 5 seconds and refresh your web page.

I have done that but will try again, thank you.

I’ve been using ACS as a quick and dirty SA for a long time now and have had great results with it.

Here’s a comparison for you:

ACS, timed this scan from login to having the chart. 36 seconds:

Here’s an SA, again, from login to having usable data. almost 2 minutes (and requires reboot):

If you compare the two scans… you’ll see that they both show similar data and indicate that the higher part of the band is cleaner, and probably around 2452 is the cleanest.

That being said, I only use ACS on the e1k/e2k… I use the built in SA with e3k.

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