No se logra conectar 2 equipos epmp 1000

En un enlace de 80kms con antenas de 30dbi en el suscriptor solo aparece en la opción SSID del AP conectado la leyenda Connecting… Pero de ahí no pasa, no llega a conectarse.

Los equipos trabajan con el mismo firmware 4.5.6

Cabe mencionar que el enlace estaba funcionando.

Hello @leopoldo,

Did you check Syslog for anything useful? GUI > Monitor > System Log
Could you post here your Monitor > Wireless page screenshot?
Of course, I suggest to upgrade to newest 4.6.2

80km with 30db antenna? Are you sure? At 80km you would need to be mountian top to mountain top and 30db on each end would not be enough to overcome atmospheric losses.
From what I figure, assuming -70db rx levels and max tx power of 30db, you will have approximately 175db of path loss. You have 100db of radio gain so you need 75db of antenna gain or 37.5db antenna on each end. This would be a 5ft or 6ft diameter dish and depending on height above average terrain and the actual curvature of the planet in your location you may only get enough signal to hear the AP ID but not enough to make a connection.

If you have reasonably accurate gps locations and height above ground for each end of the link, then use Linkplanner to check the path loss and depending on your country regulations for max tx power it will tell you how much antenna gain is needed to make the link work.
There is also a point where though the link will work, the normal losses and errors will prevent the link from modulating high enough to be useful. If you really are going 80km, then I highly suggest you split the link down to multiple hops. 20 to 30km links are very doable and still maintain reasonable bandwidth. If you need to get the most bandwidth you can then use more hops with shorter links and make a rf plan with gps sync to ensure you get the most out of your links.

Hello @aka

Thanks, I have updated to 4.6.2, I have not gone to the hill yet

Thanks @Douglas_Generous

the link is at the top of a hill, if there is line of sight, I only transmit data between 100 and 200 kbps, the antennas are 30 dbi 25.5 "dish.

80km or 8.0km? 80km with average earth curvature would still require between 165m and 190m tall towers and still need larger dishes to get enough signal to allow higher modulations.

If you have gps coordinates for each end, please either PM me them or if you feel comfortable you can post them here. I would like to run a real path analysis to see what you should be doing to fix this issue.

Thanks @Douglas_Generous

this thread is going private to work with sensitive information.

I will provide a sanitized summary after we resolve the concerns.


Setting up 80 km is a good challenge! Can’t wait to know about results!