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We’ve been using the M2 antennas, available from CTI.

11, 14 and 17dbi yagi’s

Our initial testing indicated that they outperformed the PacWireless equivalent units.

We stopped buying integrated radios altogether since we have way more options with the connectorized.

You’d see the difference using 13dB yagi if you were on the edge of the integrated unit’s range.

The integrated antennas are carp IMHO. A 9dBi yagi will outperform them.

I have been using the Cushcraft 13dBi yagis for the last two years and they have been given a 100% improvement on all of our SM’s.

The only time we use an integrated SM anymore is if the customer is very close to the AP.

Is your polorization correct?

We’ve used several different types/brands of antennas but have settled on using Stingers, Hyperlink 13db yagis and M2 17db yagis.

Mars makes a good 10db panel antenna that works quite well but we stopped using them because they don’t look as nice and the stingers give us the same performance for less money. We’ve also used a few of Hyperlink’s 9db yagis which worked quite well but again, the stinger looks much nicer and installs much faster for closer shots.

What’s the hyperlink 13 got over the M2 14? We’ve not used any hyperlink, so I’m curious why you prefer those…


We’ve never used anything from M2 other than the 17, but if the mounting bracket is the same across the whole line, I’m sure I’d still prefer the hyperlinks. I’m actually looking for an alternative to M2’s antenna because of that.

mikehodges wrote:
[quote="jwcn":1j402vwl]Is your polorization correct?

can you shed a little light on polorization do i know whats right?[/quote:1j402vwl]

On a yagi the elements should go from side to side, not up and down.

The direction the elements run dictate the polarity (horz = side to side, vert = up and down)

We have been using Maxrad panels for close in users. M2 yagis for others. Your right, though, the M2 N connector is terrible. It needs re-designed. Other than that, it is a great antenna.