no sync

I am running a 5.7ghz backhaul and 900mhz ap on a tower and both of them say no sync. I have another 4 radios that connect to the same CMM and they have no problems getting sync. I currently replaced the CMM, and it made no difference. The new CMM is running 2.2. I know it is possible the it could be the cables, but is it possible that it could be the radios? I have no problem accessing the two problem radios from the office, with no issues. Any Suggestions, I am hoping to now have to pull new cables up the tower.

If you have lightning arrestor in between the CMM and problem radios, remove it… also try 10mbit…

if that doesnt do it, it may indeed be the radios.

The Sync Over Power Circuit is pretty sensitive. We see quite a few APs each month come to us for repair that have that problem.

If it IS the radio, we can repair 90% of the time.

Obviously, it is going to take a tower climb to see if it is the cable or the radio. depending on how the cable is run, sometimes the cable closest to the metal of the tower has more problems with induction that prevents the sync pulse from making it through.

- Paul

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