No Traffic Beyond SM

Strange thing is happening on one of the SM. From my side I can get to SM but cannot get into customer’s network. And from customer’s site, I can get to the SM, but cannot get out beyond the SM. Once I reboot the SM, everything’s back to normal. This is happening about twice a week. Do you think the SM may be defective?

SM: P9,, Dist=0.22miles, NAT Enabled, DHCP Server Enabled
Freq=915MHz, Output Pwr=18dBm,
RSSI=2482 PowerLevel=-42dBm, Jitter=2,

Check the cable…I have had bad cables cause similar problems. Even if it looks good…redo the ends or replace it.

If that doesn’t work try swapping out the SM.

If that doesn’t work then there is a config problem somewhere

I would suggest disabling all unneeded functions within the SM. That means turn off NAT, DHCP, VLANs, etc. Use the SM strictly as a link and use a router for the internal network. You may have a problematic node in the internal network. I have seen ethernet cards and switches cause strange things to happen in a network. Check those things before you assume that it is the unit.

VLAN is disabled, but the NAT is enabled to DHCP assignment to client’s D-Link router. The radio and public net has our static IP assignment. Is there another way without enabling NAT?

The client’s network is fine, it was on our DSL for past 2 years with no problem. This problem started after we installed the SM.

turn off nat it means you got a privte network behind another privite network

Jacobma is correct.

Disable NAT in the SM - it will become a bridge and then everything will be fine. The DLink is pulling a private IP from the SM and of course you cannot see private IP’s behind a NAT device.