Non-Advantage Buy-Back Program

Does Motorola have, or do they intend to have, a Non-Advantage Buy-Back Program? That would sure help out the WISPs that have already invested a lot into the non-Advantage platform (and are continuing to make payments on this equipment). It would also accelerate the rate at which the new Advantage equipment would make its way into the marketplace.


I attended a webinar from motorola on the 6.1 software. They indicated that they have no intention of doing a buy back program. They did state however that that is the reason the new 6.1 software for the ap allows you to turn the ap into a sm so you can update your ap’s with advantage and use your old ap’s as sm’s.

Are you serious? Motorola’s “plan” is for me to take my $1,200 APs and turn them into SMs to deploy to a customer’s site? What kind of financial model are they running???

Surely there is some type of special discount, financing, credit, or something that Motorola will provide to help those with large investments in “legacy” (non-Advantage) infrastructure upgrade?