Non Motorola Radius Server

Has anyone ever made radius work with just Windows Server’s built in radius abilities?

With something simular to this?: … ients.html

If so, I would like to hear your opinion/results.

I cannot immagine why anyone would setup an unsecure Windows box for radius when you could use Freeradius on Linux! I would suggest you give that a go if you are having issues.

Tell me more… Have you seen Freeradius work with Canopy? Is it something that non technical staff could maintain (ie: Accountant shutting off accounts when they dont pay).

I too would be interested in a freeradius howto. My attempts this far have not been good

I have never found a way to get canopy to work with any radius server (except Prizm). That article talks about using radius to work with 802.11x devices.

Yes, but doesn’t the Radius server communicate the Access point and not the wireless clients? It seems like you should still be able to do it.

“802.1x” although most commonly used for wireless, is not a wireless protocol:
Really, the only thing in that article that has to do with 802.11 are the screenshots of the Linksys router.

I’m still not convinced it wont work. I’m going to play with it some more.

If it doesn’t work with radius servers, I think Motorola shouldn’t call it radius.