non overlaping 5.7

can someone please let me know what the four nonvoverlaping freqs are for the 5.7 spectrum thxs and also what kind of seperation you really should have and i know what the manual says looking for real time knowlege

Following the manual you should not have any problems.

That said…

Before deployment of the cluster, or any AP’s for that matter you should perform a thorough spectrum analysis of your prospecting area in the band(s) that you plan on deploying in. Only then can you really figure out what frequencies you are going to use.

There are 6 non-overlapping at 5.7. As Phreak mentioned, not all 6 may be available in your area due to noise.

Take an SM to the tower location and use the built-in spectrum analyzer it to get an idea of the noise floor.

You can put 2 AP’s on the same frequency if they are back to back so in a 6AP cluster you only need 3 frequencies.

The channels are 20MHz wide.

I wouldn’t recommend using 20 mhz channels for advantage APs, 25 like it’s in the manual.

I use 25MHz spacing myself…