Non sync mode coming to 3000??

Any chance a soon to be future release of firmware for the 3000 / 3000L APs will allow us to turn off syncronization and run in "wifi" mode? We have a coupe APs where we don't need or want to use sync but do want to take advantage of fast uploads.

From what I've heard, there are no plans for a WiFi compatibility mode...  that being said, are you wanting flexible schedular mode?

Yes on the flexible schedule mode. That is really what I meant.

I think flexible might be coming in 4.5 I've been told flexible mode will arrive in build 4.6.

We are doing our best to introduce Flexible mode as soon as possible.

It is under development right now.

Thank you.

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Here we are over 2 years later. 4.6 is out but still no flexible mode for the 3000 AP. Any update on this??

2 years ago they claimed " We are doing our best to introduce Flexible mode as soon as possible. "

AC came out around first quarter 2019 I think so 3 years now.

Their “best”…

SA hasn’t worked right since release 3 years ago and we are paying for a whole 2nd radio that exists for just that purpose ? ePMP has become far more expensive than Ubiquiti or Mimosa and it can’t even do a site survey ! I guess taking couple of years to make the SA just not crash the radio is the best they can do for almost double the cost…

6 years and the UI still populates with bogus info…it’s actually gotten worse over the years. How do you trouble shoot a customer with no internet when you can’t even determine if the ethernet interface on the radio is really down or if the UI is just saying it is (refresh doesn’t even work, and even when it does… was it the refresh that fixed bogus info or was the interface really down and it just now came back up ?) or shows IP addresses for interfaces that don’t actually have IP addresses or shows PPPoE connected when it isn’t… Some of the bogus info (like IP addresses that aren’t there) persist power cycles so now bogus info is even being wrote to the config or something…

Also kind of funny that “Flexable mode” is the only mode available on AX … maybe they will be pushing the BE/WiFi 7 radios by the time AX gets TDD… wonder if the SA and UI in general will be any better by then.

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Looks like flexible mode is in the 4.7 release which is in beta testing now. Not going to test it out in production but am watching the comments in that forum. Perhaps by summer.

We have been running 4.7-RC15 in places, and it’s going pretty good for us. Still 100% of all the GUI weirdness is still as weird and broken as ever, BUT the 4.7-RC15 itself feels quite stable to me. We don’t personally have much desire or need for Flexible Frame on the PtMP AP’s, but we have tried it, and it seems fine. 4.7 also returns the feature that ePMP has always had of being able to use an SM as a non-Syced AP, and that’s something we do use quite a bit for small “farm wide WANs” and that mode also seems to work well too. So… for my 2c, so far the 4.7-RC15 seems pretty decent and has flexible frame modes.