Not able to access radios in 3.2 on Vlan

Looked in the release notes in 3.2 and think I found the issue (Tracking ID 13165: SM in NAT mode with Separate Management IP and Management VLAN is not accessible by Separate Management IP address").

My question is when this is expected to be fixed. This is our entire network basically, and ever since we've been on 3.1, this has been an issue. (previously on 2.6.2 with no issues). We can work around it by using cnMaestro to force a reboot to the device, or by going to the AP, forcing it to de-register, and usually we can get access to the radio for a brief amount of time that way. It stops responding after a few hours I believe.

Any estimate on when this will be fixed?  I've been watching for a possible beta to be released, but haven't seen anything show up as of yet.


Issue is already fixed in 3.2.1 release, which will be delivered in the nearest future.

Thank you.

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