Not able to revert to SM from SP-analyzer


I have the ePMP100 lite (10 subscr.) with 2.5.1 firmw. vers. When I try to get back To SM mode once used as spectrum analyzer, the device gives me error while saving. see attached. wirelessInterfaceScanFrequencyListForty and wirelessInterfaceScanFrequencyListTwenty mhz channels are to be selected.. In GUI all is not clickable.

I have tried to do the job in ssh using the CLI 2.4.3 firm. vers. as from the support websites suggests but there are many features that is aked me like:

"wirelessInterfaceScanFrequencyListForty   Configured frequencies are not allowed for this DFS region/band

 wirelessInterfaceScanFrequencyListTwenty  Configured frequencies are not allowed for this DFS region/band"

The problem here is that this is the SM in the PTP link it was working andember no country code was setted inside because get it from the AP.

As I remember this was a similare error I encountered in an other link when decided to switch AP with SM remotely.. very Sad experience..


Try clicking on Access point as the mode and then back to Subscriber Module but don't hit save between.  I've had this happen  a few times and had to click around in the GUI a bit to un-confuse the javascript.

I've done the job resetting the AP..

Many thanks I'll consder your sugg. for the next time ;-)