Not meshing, radio1 and radio2 off

Good morning,

I have 3 E425 running by “Base” in mesh mode and 2 E425 running as “Client” in mesh mode.

The problem is one client when I only give power without ethernet it never comes up with blue led.

Here are some photos:

Radio 1 and radio 2 OFF.

The other E425 is working fine, but the red one is never connecting again


Please show config of this AP

Looks like some config issue on mesh client AP.
Does other mesh client is able to connect with mesh base AP ? If it is connected can you compare the config difference between connected and unconnected mesh client AP ?
(or) can you please share us the mesh client configuration ?

I just connected another E425 and have the same configuration and the new one works fine. I did a factory reset of the bad one and still with radio state OFF. If I unlink of cnmaestro and I do a factory reset, then I create a WLAN this ap still didn’t working providing on my phone the ssid.

A tech-support from failed device would help to diagnose the RADIO failure.

I need to do something?

Yes please share the techsupport files of the problematic AP to my email id

I hope after upgrading the AP to latest build mesh clients were able to associate with the AP and no issues are observed.