Not obtaining DHCP addresses thru new AP.

Don’t know if this is a Canopy isssue but I thought I would thow it out here. We have a main location (NOC) that is assigning IP addresses via DHCP. From this NOC we have a P2P conx with 5.7 BH’s to a location with a CMM and an AP cluster with another P2P with BH’s to another AP cluster with a CMM. All of the SM’s that have been registering to these AP’s have been able to allow the enduser to obtain an IP address. We needed to extend the range for our users close to the NOC so we attached an AP right at the NOC and used the BH timing slave at the NOC to jump our GPS sync. We are receiving the sync and our SM’s can register we just can’t get our users to obtain an IP address dynamically. Our DHCP pool has plenty of available IP’s and if we assign a static IP address we can get on the Internet. Is there anything in our Canopy configuration that we prevent the DHCP server from getting thru? This AP is setup like the others we have that are working correctly.

can’t think of any reason why it should not work…

run ethereal on both sides to look for DHCP packets