Nothing is going right with New canopy implementation

We are just now rolling out canopy 2.4 in conjunction with our existing alvarion network.

so far, nothing seems to be going well.

We cant find documentation from the website, just userguides for the software. I see that there are, or were manuals for SMs and APs individually, but it seems theyre gone now? None of the links in the forum are any good now, apparently the moto website update but didnt redirect links.

We ran out of time for lab testing without getting fully functional or tested.

Im not experienced enough with network engineering to fully understand some of the terminology (luckily the bosses are) so Im rather confused at points. Ive read the two software manuals twice (thousands of pdf pages). But I read at home so correlating to actual interface settings is hard.

We finally got on site to install and go. About fifteen minutes after we get there, my partner gets an injury that sends him in an ambulance to the hospital. I got done what I could, but pulling three cat 5 runs up 200’ at a grain elevator alone is a bad idea. Not sure if the GPS is accurate since we have little clear sky at the mounting location and we are on the ground with the antenna. The manlift at the elevator died. Our backhaul to the location died at the other side of the link, another tech replaced the radio, but the link never came up.

Ran out of time at the site, still have one more mount to move, cable to pull, antennas to mount, grounding to install, site testing to do…etc.


If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

SLOW DOWN. This is dangerous life threatening work. Safety harnesses are the rule of the day. Tie off. It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.

You got a hard install with no elevator, that’s for sure. Take your time, don’t damage the cables, make sure they are protected so you don’t have to replace anything. If you are running three, you should run 8 so that you don’t have to repeat this exercise.

Above all else, be careful and don’t rush.

Once it’s in, Canopy is pretty easy to get dialed in. I am glad to hear you read the manuals.

The GPS needs to see 3/4 of the sky minimum.

What band is your Alvarion running in? If it’s 2.4 and you are installing 2.4 Canopy, life will be hard. Alvarion uses over 2/3 of the spectrum leaving little room for Canopy so frequency planning is important. You can force the Alvarion to use less spectrum.

The injury was a ground injury (got hit with a bungee strap hook)

We dont have alvarion at this site, but the site that feeds our backhaul does at ten miles apart (a funny note, our network manager is a subscriber between the locations so its going to be interesting to see what this does to his service, he may end up being one of our first canopy subscribers) Motorola has told us about turning off the hopping on the freqencies we are using with canopy, but I would like to know how well this actually works. We are currently using the three APs (60 degree integrated) to cover the 360 degrees using the side lobes to fill in the gap for now. We are mounting then so that the APs dont point directly at the other site. Luckily most of the subscribers in that area will have pretty good LOS to turn them around at the Canopy system.

Any advice on that aspect?

The antenna pattern of the AP is not strictly 60 deg. but… Why are you making your life so hard? Is your Canopy gear in the same frequency band as the other equipment? Read the post from Jerry.

Concerning the documentation. I’ll recomend the Canopy System Release 8 User Guide. It’s huge document, but there is all-in-one about Canopy.

i have read the 8.0 release and the 7.x but i still dont know the answers to these questions, like I said though, I read at home and then tried to correlate my reading to the interface, a skill (memory) which seems to be decaying lol.

Well, we are installed, finally. We did some field testing with an SM, didnt get the info I was wanting, but we at least know it works. Now I cant get Prizm to run, the bossess sunk the money into it, hopefully its just an issue with my inexperience and not a junk software issue.

Good to hear you got it going.

In order to get Moto support for Prism it must be installed on RHEL4. If you used anything else you are limited to this forum and grinding through it on your own.

If you are having trouble and are using Red Hat, call support. They are there 24x7x365 waiting for your call.