Notifications: Please Improve Readability!

I submit that the cnMaestro email alerts are formatted in a way that is very inefficient for quickly seeing the relevance of the notification. This is an issue affecting both mobile and desktop viewing.

Mobile Example:
Here is a view of a cnMaestro alert in Outlook for Android:

In that preview of the email, you can see the only useful information is: “cnMaestro Notifications”, “Major”, and “1”. There is nothing else readily visible and further information requires scrolling

By contrast, here is an alert from a UniFi controller:

In this email, you can see right away the network that is having an issue, the device, and what has taken place.

I would like to see some changes to the cnMaestro email notifications. I would like to see the “you are currently subscribed…” to be moved out of the most important real-estate of a notification email. It probably also makes sense for “Major” and “1” to be on the same line, instead of on top of each other… which would improve efficiency of the space while maintaining the prominence. These steps would allow for the Notification Details to be readily visible. without the need to scroll.

Desktop Example
Here is an example of cnMaestro notifications viewed in Outlook online:


You can see that there is very little meaningful information available in the preview. The from name is “cnMaestro Notifications” which is useful, but the subject is also “cnMaestro Notifications” which is redundant and wastes space. The Summary is useful, but the next text is something about being subscribed which is not of use at the beginning of a critical email. That text should be later in the email.

By contrast, the notifications I receive from UniFi include the network name, a specific device name if applicable, a “multiple devices” descriptor when useful:

I know almost everything I need from the Outlook preview of the UniFi device, but I don’t know much about the cnMaestro preview.

I don’t have clear answers for these challenges, but I think my above suggestions are a start toward efficient and easy communication during potential outages.

Thank you, Chris

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