NTP on BH's and AP's

Need clarification. I am setting my NTP IP on my BH’s and AP’s to the IP address of my CMM, so that the BH’s and AP’s get the time from it. Is this correct or am I missing something? It doesnt keep the settings that I need it to.

Yes just put in the IP address of the CMM in the NTP address of your BHM’s and your AP’s. They’ll pull the time from the CMM

I think that CMM needs v2.2 to act as an NTP

Yes, all our CMMmicros are v2.2 and it works fine for us.

well, all of my CMM’s are v2.2. So… not sure what is going on. I set it to our NTP server IP here at work and it has been working… but I know it should work through the CMM…

We dont use Canopy for providing internet, we use it to connect offices, Water Tanks, pump and valve stations back to a SCADA System.

I think they need to be on the same subnet also

We use a 10.0.x.x/16 network and it works fine.