NTP Problem

I am trying to setup a NTP server to set the date and time on my SM’s I have one SM that i have been playing with, i set the ntp server ip to I reboot it, and it still has the wrong date. Even clicking the “get time through NTP” button does nothing.

I am sure that the NTP server is working because when I hook my laptop into the same network as that SM it works fine. Also if i telnet into that SM and ping it replys just fine. any ideas?

Edit: It seems to work if i set it on the AP, I am using the 7.2.9 software, in this version do SM’s grab time from the AP?

I take it your are not using a CMM.

I had a similar problem, or still do and Motorola told me that the AP’s need to take timing from the CMM (GPS) and not any old NTP, and for that I have to upgrade the CMM software.

Anyone got AP’s to take time from any other device except a CMM or infact has anyone ever managed to get the NTP timing to work.

I only wanted it so we can make more sense of the logs, but then again the logs are useless so I have not pushed it much.

Well I think I got it figured out.

i have everything running 7.2.9 now, and the CMMmicro is running the latest as well. I can set the AP’s ntp server to either my linux box or the cmmmicro and then after i reboot it takes effect. It also passes that time to the SM’s,

Can you explain how you grabed the ntp from the cmm-micro? Is there an address? thanks

you put the cmm’s address in as the ntp server.