Number of clients

Hello everyone.

What is the maximum number of clients supported with 10MHz thanks


The number of clients supported is as follows:

20/40 MHz: 120

10 MHz: 60

5 MHz: 30



Thanks for your reply. I understand that this data is for product specifications. My question is how many customers actually supports without being noticed in performance.

We've had 55 clients on one AP running on a 20MHz channel and it was working quite well, latency for some of the clients with lower quality connections would suffer a bit during peak times, but there are ways to improve that (hard lock SM UL modulation, and/or increase the gain on the client side antenna). Here's a post of a forum member with 100 clients on a 40MHz channel.

The numbers that Sri mentions are the upper ceiling and represent the best case scenario. Obviously if you have a large number of clients with poor SnR and/or interference, or your over-subscription ratio is very high, your overall sector capacity will be limited and you will not be able to get close to that ceiling.


Only I still try ...

I hope to improve the performance that I have with UBNT

Thanks guys.

Hi newby. Remember that it's not just the number of cleints per 10Mhz sector that counts - its also the number of sectors per available 10Mhz channel. Yes - wIth ePMP, you can most likely load more clients per sector than UBNT due Cambium's efficient scheduler, but you can also quite likley use that same 10Mhz channel for an additional back-to-back sector due to the working GPS sync and due to APC.

So (for example) you may go from 20 clients per sector with UBNT up to 30 clients per sector with Cambium, but you may also be able to put another sector with another 30 clients pointing the other direction.  So, that may mean going from 20 clients in that 10Mhz space up to 60 clients in that 10Mhz space spread across 2 sectors.  With other companies, that second sector would require separate channels, or would interfer badly and reduce capacity.


our busiest 10mhz 2 ghz panel had 47 subs at one point durring the changing over from UBNT, during peak, the latency would climb to near 100 ms, but the air interface was packed and delivering 30 ish MBPS over the air.  the customers didn't complain. we've since finished the change over from ubnt gear running 4 panel in 20 mhz of space. seeing nearly 80 mbps during peak with calm latency on all 4 panels. 


I just placed the first panel, I do not even customers connected in but hopefully start soon.

First proves with 20 MHz.