nvalid character in hostname/IP

I am attempting to configure some APs to test their configuration remotely.

I have received this messag: "nvalid character in hostname/IP" when I try and execute the job to the APs in cnMaestro.

Where is the "hostname/IP" in the new config? Where can you actually view the new configuration you have just created in cnMaestro?


Hi Kremick,

Currently there is not a feature to view the raw configuration being sent to the device.  We will consider this for a future release though.

You can try checking your device's log  in its web UI after a configuration push to see if more details are provided, which may indicate which parameter is failing.

Otherwise you'll need to review your configuration for an invalid hostname/IP address.

Let me know if you're not making progress with the device log and visual inspection and I can try to take a quick look.

Should be safe to narrow it down to field(s) that actually support a 'hostname' - cnmaestro server URL is, IIRC, the only field that allows a name or URL instead of just an IP.

(or to put it another way: NTP, Syslog, and Radius can only be IP addresses)


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Yes, so it would seem. Guest access is the only place where there is a confgurable "hostname".  Changing the config in cnMaestro to the hosted portal name or using the greyed out hostname (xxxxxd.cloudfront.net) above in the portal config page, for the SSID I want to make the portal, results in that error.

**added: this is the only forum tutorial I could find



The guest portal name is the name of the portal you configured in the 'Name' field after clicking on 'Add Portal' (it is displayed in bold on the Portals page next to the portal icon). The hostname field on the first line (greyed out) is a host you will need in whitelist in your social media app if you're using Facebook / Google login.


Can you advise me about how to change the hostname of the cnmaestro ? I need to create a certificate signing request and I need to update current name cnmaestro.my.domain to something domain compliant.