Obtain Path Profiles crossing a firewall

Hi all,

Actually I'm using LINKplanner, however the internet access is controlled for a firewall where we have list of sites permited to work.

So, the question is, waht is the URLs or IPs where the LINKPlanner get the profiles in order to add these address to our white list in the firewall?

I hope you can help with this info.


Hi Joel,

LINKPlanner makes requests to:

- http://linkplanner.cambiumnetworks.com - To check network connectivity, news, updates and remote patches.

- http://pathprofile.cambiumnetworks.com - For viewshed and profile requests.

The IP addresses are dynamic.

Anyone using the Microsoft proxy server may experience problems if their proxy is using NTLM authentication (the default setting). LINKPlanner only supports Basic authentication, which should be enabled on the proxy if possible.