Odd problem

Using CNUT for about a year on one machine, it’s been fine all along until the last month. Now, it will not upgrade software on any A.P.s, or set Autoupdate on the APs either.

However, I can update CMMs with it just fine. I just updated two of them to go with that new tower.

The error is “out of space or file permissions error.” But of course, that same copy of CNUT upgraded most of those APs from 6.x to 7.x/7.1x/7.2x but now doesn’t seem to want to do it, period.

I have no idea why this is going on, but today I revisited the problem with a new BH10 install and now it’s going to be a problem.

Any ideas?

Odd. Try CNUT2?

CNUT 2 isn’t available to general release.