Odd SM Signal issue 900 MHz

I have a customer that was installed in the summer of this year, had a -65 signal level at his SM and is about 3/4 of a mile from the tower.

Now the best I can get is about a -81. There is nothing but a hill between him and the tower, no homes, no barns, nothing.

I have tried different radios and antennas and cannot get anything but a -81. I went to the AP, made sure that it had not turned due to high winds and it was right where it should be. All other customers on the AP session status show -60s and -50s.

Any ideas of what to look at next? I’ve been doing this stuff for 4 years now and thought I’d seen just about everything but I’ve never seen a situation where I can restore a signal level to where it was at the time of installation, especially a 6 month old installation.

The customer had no problems and was very happy with the service until the last couple of weeks.

this is going to sound crazy, but i have observed this with our 900 and 3.65 system…

the leave are gone so your “rf Spread” went with it… when they come back so will your signal.
getting down a hill sucks for that reason

Wow, we actually joked that with everyone else, the leaves seem to hurt signal levels but that maybe this guys luck is so bad that the leaves helped his signal.

Can you explain “rf spreading” to me so I can explain it to our guys. This guy is down hill so what exactly is happening?

The leafs are helping the RF wave to bend. Without them, you have reduced refraction. Come spring, things will be better.

Thank You Gentlemen for your responses.