OFDM equivalent percentage rate?

Is there a way on the OFDM backhauls where you can effectively adjust the downlink % like you can with the 20MB models? I don’t want 50/50 of the bandwidth going across the BH, I’d rather have more transmit than receive.

You can set it in 2:1 ratio, thats it.

So if I want to have a master have more receive than send, that’s no possible?

No, but you can always put the slave on the side of the master since these units don’t need sync.

Damn, unfortunately we already have the units up and would require tower climbs to switch them.

You don’t have climb. Set the slave to be master, reboot, set the master to be slave…

You can change them on OFDMs? I guess i’m retarded but where do I change what they are?

Nevermind, I found it, you have to do it in the Installation Wizard. Thanks.