OID For DFS Events

Does anyone know the OID for dfs events?

To report the number of DFS detections, use: 

numDFSDetections : .

To see the status of DFS, you can poll the following:

For the AP: 

dfsStatus :  .

For the SM:

dfsStatus :  .

And if you want to monitor DFS event (traps):

 whispApsDfsEvent  : .
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curious if you have been seeing more DFS events after updating to 15.1 ??? I don't know if its a coincidence or something else but i feel like i have been getting alot more DFS events after updating to 15.1

Interesting, I was just going to post if there was a way to determine an actual radar detection.  We have a competitor in the area and was wondering about what exactly the units are looking for in order to set the detection.  It's "funny" that the detections only happen after hours and on weekends.

I'm starting to see more of these, which of course kills the sector.   

I haven't rolled out 15.1 yet except on a few 450i 3.65 ap's. I typically stay a few releases behind the latest. 15.0.3 seems to work well for us.