oid for GPS Sync


Apologies if asked before but does anyone know if there is an OID for GPS Sync status?

Need to monitor an AP that we're having some GPS issues with.


Hi colinhowlin,


Object ID:

Syntax: INTEGER Constraints: 1 | 2 | 3 Access: read-only Status: current

Sync Source Status:
1 - GPS Sync Up,
2 - GPS Sync Down,
3 - CMM Sync
Device Allocation: AP



Object ID:

Syntax: Sequence (Structure)

cambiumpmp80211GPSSyncStatusTrap cambiumToolbarGPSSyncState

Access: SNMP Notification

Status: current

GPS Sync Status TRAP. Trap indicating GPS Sync State change.
This state is indicated by the included value of cambiumToolbarGPSSyncState
Device Allocation: AP, SM

Is it what you are looking for?

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Hi Fedor

Thanks for that.

I had found

via a walk which seems to work when tested.

Am I ok to continue using this or would you recommend one of the two you listed?



Object ID:

is almost the same as you uses.

And second one just indicates changes.

Sometimes it can be useful.

Thank you.

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