OID for loss of registration?

When aiming radios during installation the registration status lags when the link is lost.  Experienced Canopy installers know when the signal strength numbers stop updating the link has likely been lost and will turn the radio back towards center to re-acquire.  To see the registration status actually show "searching" requires waiting several seconds.  Very annoying but Canopy has always done this.  Engineers who are not permitted to work in the field may have no clue this is "normal" and should be fixed.  Is there an OID that we can monitor via SNMP to tell us instantly when the link has dropped?

You may try setting up syslog, so you will get a syslog notification when a SM is disconnected or registered. Note that you have to configure syslog setting both on AP and SM to make it work.

Are you sure the Syslog entry will happen instantly BEFORE the registration status on the GIU reverts to "scanning"?  The issue here is the lag between when I am sure the radio knows it is no longer communicating with the AP, has stopped updating the Rx level, but before it times out and tells the install tech with a GUI update to the status.  I am talking about when the installer is panning the radio back-and-forth up-and-down to peak the signal.  This delay can really confuse the more inexperienced installer and is a little annoying to the experienced one.

If there was an instant notification the link was lost via OID then I would consider writing an Android App to help aim radios. Continuing to read Rx level is not valid because when the AP signal is first interrupted and the link is lost the Rx level stays at the last valid number and there is no indication on the GIU that the link is down until a few seconds go by and it finally decides to tell us.  

This is how Canopy has always been, since version 7 at least.  But that doesn't mean it should be fixed.  It would be nice if the instant the frame is lost the SM could indicate the signal is down.  In other words some intermediate state between "registered" and "scanning".  Ideally the SM could flash registered (frame lost)" on the registration status line. And an OID so it could be read from an outside system. This would be small but welcome addition for installers.