OID of PTP670

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I need your assistance.

I’m using PTP670 that I want to monitor this on my PRTG but I don’t see a OID of this equipement of your website.

Where can I have a OID of PTP670  ?

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If you check the "Planning for SNMP Operation" section in the PTP 670 User Guide, you'll see a list of the standard SNMP MIBs that PTP 670 supports. However, a lot of what you'll need is in the Proprietary MIB, and you can downliad this from the Cambium web site as part of the firmware package for the release you want to use. Please see: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/ptp670/

The Proprietary MIB has OIDs prefixed .

Does this help?



Thank you for your reply that answers my concern. thank

How can I know the OID of Wireless in this file?

In the firmware package we include the MIB as a text file. You can open this in any text editor to see a view like this:

This approach is possible, but not very friendly. Another possibility is to use a MIB Browser, such as iReasoning. iReasoning provides a tree view like this:

SNMP iReasoning.PNG

The MIB Browser is a big advantage. It might be that PRTG has a similar utility?

In general, the object names in the MIB are the same as the attribute names displayed in the PTP 670 web pages.

Hello and thank you for your reply.

I want to monitor a Link Capacity of PTP670 and PTP400 but I don't his OID in the MIB file. Please can you help me?


In general, the object names in the SNMP MIB are the same as the attribute names displayed in the web-based GUI.

Link Capacity is an exception to this. You should be able to find receiveDataRate and transmitDataRate in the pubStats group in the MIB. These are directly linked to the Receive Data Rate and Transmit Data Rate controls in the GUI. The aggregateDataRate object in the MIB is simply the sum of receive and transmit.

Link Capacity in the GUI is also the sum of receive and transmit capacity, except that in the case of adaptive symmetry, Link Capacity shows the potential capacity when both directions of the link are fully loaded with data traffic.

Thant you Mark.

And for link capacity of PTP400, how can i get it please?