OID to distinguish 450D models?

We're trying to figure out if there is an OID whose return value can be decoded to tell whether the particular radio is a 450D, a 450 Integrated, or a 450 Connectorized? We have all of these in the field, and we want to be able to sort the deployed units by type, but the Board Type and FPGA Version fields aren't able to do this.

Please try the OID boxDeviceType(.

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That OID does not distinguish between the different types of radios, it always returns "5.4/5.7GHzMIMO OFDM - Multipoint - Subscriber Module" (or "5.4/5.7GHz MIMO OFDM - Multipoint - Subscriber Module" for f/w 13.2), regardless of the model of PMP450 radio.

Please try the OID "whispBoxP11Personality" (.

Maybe I'm being unclear...

What I want is an OID which returns a different value depending on what type of PMP450 (normal integrated, connectorized, 450D) I am querying. I already know these are all PMP450 SMs of one sort or other, so an OID which always returns the same value  for all PMP450 SMs is no help at all. 

This OID always returns the same "1AD30001004900000000440000000000", no matter what kind of antenna type is reported in the GUI, and antenna type is not sufficient, because it doesn't distinguish between normal integrated and 450D radios, even though there is definitely something internal which knows the difference.

Thanks for pointing this out.

At this point we do not have a OID which identifies the type of PMP450.

We will address this issue in a future release. I'll keep you posted. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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OK, I feel better for not finding one when poring over the MIBs! Thanks for the update.